All about piercing

One can confidently say that 99% of women use piercings to create their own image because the innocuous kind of piercing is the piercing of ear lobes. However, this procedure does not surprise anyone today. Every year, the person’s fantasy is so sophisticated that a new extreme kind of piercing was invented – “brain piercing” …

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Use of the bicycle

Bike rides are very useful for the body. First of all, the muscles of the legs are strengthened, their endurance increases. The bicycle improves the respiratory system and cardiovascular activity. It is very useful to ride a bicycle to people who smoke a lot. Due to this, they get rid of the toxic substances that …

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Why Biotattoo (Henna) is more beneficial than permanent Tattoo

Biotatuyrovka – this is the best way to emphasize and decorate a beautiful well-groomed body. Having come to us from ancient India, the Biotattoo deservedly received recognition and popularity due to its safety and its ability to be easily washed off, as well as due to the variety of shades and techniques of application. Biotatuyrovka …

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What is Neurosis?

Neurosis is one of the most common neuropsychiatric diseases. The main reason for neuroses is psychotrauma, the importance of which is determined not by physical impact, but by information value. In other words, neurosis is a disease that arises from the impact of information. Neuroses and neurotic states refer to reversible disorders of nervous activity. …

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