5 rules for Healthy Legs

The key to a woman’s well-being is healthy legs. It must always be remembered that during the day they have to bear the full weight of the body. And if you still “feet” in this uncomfortable, high-heeled shoes, the risk of earning a disease increases significantly. That is why it is so important to observe a number of elementary rules of foot care.

1. First of all, choose shoes taking into account convenient walking, and only then – beauty. Strive to combine the comfortable with the beautiful. The most comfortable and healthy for your health will be shoes with an average heel – 3,5-4 cm. Shoes with high heels are better save for festive occasions.

2. Keep your feet constantly in contact with air. In the winter it is difficult to do, so every day at home for at least an hour go barefoot. Shoes change every day so that it has time to be ventilated and not subjected to premature deformation.

3. If you complain of a feeling of constant cold in the legs, which is accompanied by skin hardening, you need alternating baths: hot and cold. First, lower your legs for 2 minutes in a hot, then immediately for 5-10 seconds in a cold one. Repeat the procedure 5-6 times.

4. For smoothness and elasticity of the skin of the feet, use dry brush massages. Brush with medium-hard bristles in circular motions rub the skin of the legs. Massage continue until redness. Then grease your feet with cream lightly stroking movements.

Healthy Legs
Healthy Legs

5. Periodically allow your feet to rest. It’s very simple: lift your legs higher and in this position, stay for 15-30 minutes. Swollen legs can be placed on the pillow or back of the sofa. In other cases, the support may be a wall, a back of a chair or a high table. Putting to sleep, try to put your feet on the dais. Do this necessarily, if you had a hard day, and your legs had to travel pretty well.

5 rules for Healthy Legs
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