Bicycle Tours – How to do in right way, its Benefits

Physical activity is good in any case, regardless of whether you need burning calories or not. It will help you feel better.

Diversify exercise is the most effective and productive way that ensures the consumption of calories in your body. Long and regular training is the key to a stable burning of calories and weight loss. Biking is an excellent form of aerobic exercise, suitable for those who are in good or relatively good shape. It’s a great exercise for the heart; it strengthens the muscles of the legs, increases the metabolic rate, burns calories and, thus, promotes weight loss.

When cycling, aimed at burning fat, it is desirable that the track was uniform in complexity and height. Do not need high mountains and long slopes. Ideal for a smooth road with no height difference. There should be no creeks and ravines, the transition which will have to get off the bike or risk their health “swim” them. The speed on level ground should be 15-20 km per hour (for women, girls). If you have a very low level of preparedness and at a speed of 15 km / h your pulse is higher than 150 bpm, then reduce the speed so that the pulse is in the range of 120-150 bpm. Conversely, if you drive at a speed of 20 km / h and your heart rate is less than 120 beats/min – increase the speed. The determining factor is PULSE, not the speed of movement, so focus more on it.

Bicycle Tours
Bicycle Tours

To determine the speed of movement, you will need a cycling computer and if you do not have it – do not worry, the main thing is to have a watch with a second hand, by which you will measure the pulse and the time of training. During the race, try not to stop (only if to measure the pulse) by such training, you further develop the overall endurance of the body, fat will be burned mainly on the hips. It is there that the muscles are most active. In other places, there is no obvious oxidation of fat. Bicycle tour should last 90-120 minutes. Only with such a long time of the physical activity that the aerobic energy supply processes that occur with the oxidation (burning) of fats are included in the work. If you do 2 times a day, then the workout time is reduced to 60-90 minutes. But for such a time of classes, you need to go out gradually.

You need to start depending on your preparedness, from 15-30 minutes a day. Then the time is added by about 5 minutes a day. If at some point, after adding another five minutes, you feel that it is too hard for you (hurt your legs, joints, pulse above the norm), then stay at the previous time for another 2-5 days. If you have been actively engaged in some kind of physical activity for a year (and more) and feel that you are in good shape, then you can start with 60 minutes. And remember, do not exercise right after meals and immediately before her.

And for training to become an interesting activity, find like-minded people and ride with pleasure!

Bicycle Tours – How to do in right way, its Benefits
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