Fatty deposits-health problems

As you know, each woman’s figure is unique and has its own characteristics. Some ladies have appetizing forms, others are so slender that they can not see a single gram of fat. As for fatty deposits, they can be located in various areas of the body. Fat, which is in one or another part of the body, indicates that there are any violations in the body.

If you notice that there are fat folds on the sides, this indicates that the thyroid gland is broken, and the fat causes thyroid hormones to be deposited in these areas. In order to prevent further deposition of fat in these places, it is not enough just to follow a diet, you should also avoid the use of heavy metals, which are contained in tap water and in toothpaste. If they are already in the body, you need to try to get them out as soon as possible.

Fatty deposits
Fatty deposits

Also, you probably noticed that fat can be deposited in the abdominal area, even in lean people. This suggests that a person for a long time is experiencing great stress. Scientists have long noticed that under stress and depression, fat deposits appear, first of all, on the abdomen. To begin with, it is necessary to put in order the nervous system, it is recommended to drink a course of soothing herbs. Only then you can get rid of the accumulated fat on your stomach.

If the fat on the hips looks more or less familiar, then the fatty ridges on the back look ugly. Women with such a “makeweight” on their backs are not easy to pick up clothes, for example, you can not wear a tight dress or beautiful lace underwear. Fat deposits on the hips and back indicate that their owner is very fond of flour products and sweets containing a large number of carbohydrates. As a result, a large amount of insulin begins to be produced in the blood. In order to get rid of fat in these places, you just need to give up fast carbohydrates, for example, it is desirable to replace the loaf with grain loaves, and sweets – with honey and fruits.

On the fat deposits on the knees, many women just do not pay attention. Such a defect does not prevent at all to wear different outfits, besides, thick knees and hips can be successfully hidden with trousers. However, the possessor of such good, all the same, at a subconscious level feel discomfort and heaviness. Fat in these places is formed from excessive entrainment of salty and sweet foods.

As a result, the body begins to accumulate excess fluid in the area of the calves and knees. The solution is one – you need to reduce to a minimum the amount of salty and sweet food. In addition, it is recommended to arrange unloading salt-free days, once a week. Fat deposits on the chest, in the upper part of the hands and on the inner side of the thighs, indicate that the blood contains a large amount of the female hormone – estrogen. In this case, it is necessary to visit a gynaecologist-endocrinologist who will prescribe the treatment.

Fatty deposits-health problems
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