What are the First signs of Influenza

“The devil is not so terrible as he is painted” – this famous saying is not about the flu. With him everything is exactly the opposite, just the same this “devil” is very terrible, and this disease is much more dangerous than it may seem at first glance. Therefore, it is very important to immediately recognize the first signs of influenza and, without delay, begin treatment. The first signs of flu – chills, runny nose, cough, fever, headache – must be treated immediately, as soon as they appeared. Delay at least a couple of hours – and most likely will be sick for a couple of days longer than usual. As a rule, it is possible to uniquely identify influenza only with the help of laboratory tests. And the very first signs of the flu are quite difficult to distinguish from the symptoms of other colds.

The first signs of the flu can show up within one to two days after you picked up the virus.

Usually, the first manifestations of the disease are a shiver and a chill. However, fever with a temperature of up to 39 is not excluded. The disease can for a few days chain you to the bed, giving you pain and cramps all over the body that will be felt most strongly in the back and legs. The first signs of the flu may include: fatigue, headache, fever, a strong feeling of cold, cough, nasal congestion, joint pain, sore throat, irritation, red eyes, redness of the skin (including face, mouth, nose, throat).

First signs of Influenza
First signs of Influenza

Because the flu is an airborne infection, the virus enters the body through the upper respiratory tract. And immediately affects the organs of the human respiratory system. There is a pain in the throat, a cough, a feeling of dryness in the nose or in the throat. In children (although this is sometimes true for adults), flu can also be accompanied by disorders of the gastrointestinal tract – abdominal pain and diarrhea.

The sooner you start fighting the flu, the better. Antiviral drugs are most effective in fighting the first signs of influenza. Therefore, the correct diagnosis in the early stages of the disease is extremely important. Of the signs of influenza, which we have already listed, special attention should be paid to their combinations. For example, if you have both fever and cough or a sore throat accompanied by nasal congestion, all of these can be influenza manifestations.

So, these are the main manifestations and the first signs of the flu, knowing that you will be able to control the course of the viral infection, and also adjust your treatment in accordance with the dynamics of changes in your condition. The main thing is on time! So that when the first signs of a complicated course of a dangerous viral infection, such as influenza, appear, help you in the right amount. It is important to change their behavior and preventive measures, depending on the different stages of the seasonal flu epidemic. Do not be ill!

What are the First signs of Influenza
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