Earn 8% p.a. returns with GOI Savings Bonds

GOI Savings Bonds

GOI Savings Bonds are issued by Reserve Bank of India that provide you safety plus returns that are fixed and assured in nature.

While returns are important it is vital that the investments are also safe over a long period of time.

GOI 8% Savings (Taxable) Bonds, 2003 is one such investment option.

Hence it makes utmost sense to lock in your investments at a return of 8% per annum compounded on a half yearly basis thereby reducing the re-investment risk for the next 6 years in these times of falling interest rates.

The 8% Government of India Savings (taxable) bonds, 2003 is a bond issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) commencing April 21, 2003. The bonds are available for purchase by individuals on tap i.e. you can buy them as and when required. As the name indicates, the rate of interest offered on the bond is 8% per annum. Interest is taxable in the hands of the investor. Since bonds are issued on behalf of the Government of India, it is the safest investment any investor can look for. However, interest on the bonds is taxable and it has a lock in of six years, which makes the bond less favourable over other investment options.

GOI Savings Bonds

Features of GOI Savings Bonds

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Earn 8% p.a. returns with GOI Savings Bonds
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