Solved How to Fix Corrupted Hard Drive on Mac & Recoer Data

Update (xup) file format not supported. The update file does not match XML standard. No Instance Blob could be found in the update file. No Minimum Updater Version found in the update file.

firmware file corrupt iphone 12

There are 6 available solutions which are proved to be effective. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. When the Apple logo appears, release the Side button. Next, you can pick out the needed backup through Name, Latest Backup Date, or Serial Number. When iPhone is stuck in the Apple logo, it equates to a toy without batteries. At this time, you can do nothing with it.

  • The first two options will do no harm to your data, and the first one is totally free.
  • Click “Browse” to find the corrupted DOCX Word file.
  • In the world of iPhone and Apple devices, firmware has become a broader and interchangeably used term.
  • To resolve the problem, you need to reinstall your macOS.
  • In simpler words, iPhone firmware is actually an operating system of the device just like windows.

Many users may face firmware file corrupt iPhone when trying to update their iPhone to iOS 16 recently. Are you one of them or have you found a way to fix it? Read this guide to learn how to fix the “iPhone could not be updated because the firmware file is not compatible” issue.

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